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Welcome to the first installment of my new blog! My name is Kristin Gonzalez and I’m hoping to connect with like-mined people who are interested in health and nutrition for the whole family.

I have a PhD in biogeochemistry, a branch of environmental biology. My specialty, and frankly addiction, is reading scientific studies and recent publications to glean facts that we all would like to know…if we just had time or inclination to do the research. I read the science so you don’t have to!

Each week or so, I’ll post a review on a current topic covered in the news or scientific journals. I would also like to address topics I believe are “urban myths” and “Internet hearsay” and give you the real facts.  Leave it to me to decipher the scientific information for you and present the post in language everyone understands.

Topics of immediate interest to me are:

  • Chemicals in our food supply, personal care products and cleaning products that can be hurting you and your kids and what you can do about it.
  • Facts and questions every parent should know when talking to your child’s dentist and pediatrician.
  • The dangers of sugar in our diets and what to do about it.
  • Harmful hidden ingredients in your food and how to avoid them.
  • Tips for teenager success at home and school.
  • How to build your child’s self esteem (it’s not what you think.)
  • Winning weight loss for everyone!

My purpose is not to be an Internet alarmist! On the contrary. My goal is to be a voice that  presents the best scientific research I can find and lets you decide what is best for you and your family. Sure, I’ll give you my opinions and also tell you what I do for myself and our four kids.

If you have certain topics you’d like me to comment on or research, let me know. I look forward to learning right along with you!

To listen to a podcast of this blog click the orange link below:
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